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Workshop on Android Application Development

About Workshop

Android has exploded onto the scene (~550 thousand activations a day, back in May!), developers are in short supply, and this is where we come in. The workshop will take place in a classroom-like atmosphere, laptop in hand. We'll go right from getting you set up to testing on your device.
Participants will learn to develop applications in the latest operating system with practical implementation and begin managing their own applications like a professional at this workshop.

Who can Attend ?

This is a basic level workshop, but knowledge of Java is preferable. Students from any branch can attend the workshop.

Workshop Details

  • All study material would be provided
  • Workshop will be of 16 Hours (2 Days, 8 hrs each)

Benefits for the Participants

  • Nationally recognized certification.
  • Free Complete Android Application Development Toolkit.
  • Detailed tutorial of the workshop will be included in the kit.

Workshop Contents

  • What is Android?
  • Understanding the Basic of Android OS
  • The Framework
  • Building Blocks of Android
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Installation of Android Development
  • Configuration of Android Development Environment on your Computer
  • Making the UI using XML for Android
  • What is Java? Why is Java Easy to Learn? Why is Java Secure?
  • Why being Platform Independent Important?
  • Java Classes and Objects, Class Methods and Instances, Basic Program of Java
  • Compiling the Code
  • What is the Use of Manifest File in Android Development Environment?
  • Creating the Virtual Android Device like ANDROID 1.5
  • Make a simple Hello" Name" Print Program for Android Device
  • Make Advance Program for Android Device
  • Debugging the Code
  • Making the Android Widgets
  • The Live Demos of Android Development
  • Gaming World under Android

Certification and Certificate Policy

Certificate provided in this workshop would be certified by Bonfring and would be provided to the candidates who have attended both days of the workshop.

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