About Bonfring

Bonfring is a global consortium and flagship organization with the extensive verticals of Research and Development, International Journals, Conference and Conference Support striving for excellence in all aspects of technological advancements.

We work for the dedication of academicians to lay their intellectual thoughts for the global development. Bonfring has focused primarily on the legal aspects of research work. However, Bonfring is keen in providing support to the researchers in the form of Journals and Conference.

Bonfring believes that future technology lies in the hands of intellectuals and hence we provide the right platform for the research scholars to disseminate their technological innovations to all corners of the world. Bonfring is interested in world class research activities which upgrades and updates the technical developments in the global research community.

Bonfring is much concerned about the environmental ethics for the betterment of the humanity. Bonfring do not encourage any advancement which cause adverse affect to the environment.

What We Do




Book Publication



Research & Development


  • Bonfring works for the integration of intellectual ideas across
  • the globe to fulfill the thirst of technological humanity.


  • Bonfring is keen in providing substantial support to evoke the
  • technocrats in the field of Science and Engineering.