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Bonfring International Journal of Software Engineering and Soft Computing

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To encompass all disciplines and approaches that meet at the crossroads of applied and theoretical study of soft computing and Software Engineering domains. This academic journal adheres to the highest standards of publications for the research, survey and tutorial articles on the application areas of software Engineering and soft computing.


Software Engineering Methods and Practices, Distributed Computing, Expert Approaches, Fuzzy Logics, Object-Oriented Systems, Rapid Prototyping, Software Reuse, Cleanroom Software Engineering, Stepwise Refinement/Enhancement, Formal methods of Specification, Ambiguity in Software Development, Impact of case on Software Development life cycle, Knowledge Engineering methods and Practices, Logic Programming, Expert Systems, Deductive Database Systems, Knowledge-based Systems in language Translation & Processing, Software and Knowledge-ware Maintenance, Reverse Engineering in Software Design, Mathematical formulations rolex replicas de relojes and Theoretical Investigations, Error Analysis Techniques and Algorithms, Adaptive Analysis Techniques and Algorithms, Implementation, Coding and Parallelization Issues, Implementation, Coding and Parallelization Issues, Knowledge Representations

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