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International Conference on Evolution in Engineering & Management (ICEEM-2015), 30-31, January 2015

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Channelizing Earth Energies towards a Healthy Built Environment

Ar. Shubhi Sonal


The earth and its energy fields have intrigued man since the ancient times. Earth energies is a general term used to address all the energy fields present on the earth's surfaces, which are known to have considerable bearing on human health and environment. While some of these energies are sourced into the earth, others are generated by external factors. Modern science talks of all matter as being a manifestation of energy. The fact "All Form Is Matter " is considered to be the basis of particle physics. Einstein's famous formula E=mc^2 very clearly defines all matter in terms of energy. Hence it becomes rather obvious that every mass present in this universe can be associated with certain forms or levels of energy. Man is the subject, object and cause of architecture. Since its infancy, the science of architecture has developed and evolved to cater to human needs of shelter and safety. The whole objective of building houses and other structures for habitation is to safeguard human health from the harsh side of nature. While nature nurtures life in all forms, it also creates conditions which are highly harmful for human health and well being. The energy fields which originate due to natural (and sometimes manmade) causes assume great importance when we analyze their effect on human health. Earth's magnetic fields, energies due to underwater currents, geological faults etc. are universal in nature and hence affect us continuously from the moment we are born. Modern science looks at these energy fields with suspicion as universally acceptable methods of quantification are yet to be devised for them. Yet ongoing research in the field of Geobiology and electro biology has brought forward the importance of understanding these earth energies in their entirety. This paper seeks to broaden the realm of architecture by initiating a responsive outlook towards earth energies and their effects on the built environment and consecutively human health. The paper seeks answers to five basic queries. These are:

Keywords: Earth Energies, Built Environment, Earth's magnetic fields

Conference Name: International Conference on Advances in Architecture and Civil Engineering 2012

Conference Date: 21, June 2012 - 23, June 2012

Pages: 862-869

Paper ID: AR64VS

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